Outsourcing to your own Backyard

GROTON, CT – In most cases when people think of the term “outsourcing” they immediately think of sending jobs overseas or to different states.  With the new Groton-based business DIGISIST, that’s not the case at all.  DIGISIST is local business geared towards making the life’s of hard working professionals easier by being their virtual right-hand.

For the most part, DIGISIST is geared towards small to medium size contracting companies but the possibilities are endless.  Whether it’s an answering service, bookkeeping, web design, marketing plans or even project management – DIGISIST can handle the task.

As previously announced, DIGISIST has partnered with Verizon NetworkFleet and Vonage Business Solutions to offer its clients even more affordable and effective services that will further enhance their business without a huge investment.

Christopher M. Calkins Jr., Owner of DIGISIST, has been pleased with the feedback that he’s already received from local businesses and trade associations in the very short time that he has opened his virtual office.  He encourages interested people to visit his website at www.mydigisist.com or to call his office at (860) 333-5550 to find out how DIGISIST can be a value to you and your company.

As he regularly says, “Let me take care of it, so you don’t have to!”