Common Contractor Mistakes

Many tradesmen begin working for a company and later realize that they want to go off and venture on their own.  They start their business, hire an accountant and start marketing themselves without any knowledge of what it takes to run a business themselves.  Very soon they realize that there’s a lot more to a contracting company than swinging a hammer and picking up a check.

Customer Service

It’s hard for a small business to remember every little detail or to make sure that they call each and every client or vendor back for their requests.  Those little details are what set contractors apart from one another.  If your client hires you to do a job and you tell them it’ll be done before July 4th, it better be done before then.  Say a client calls you – most likely your cell phone – and they have a concern they need addressed immediately, do you have someone monitoring and making sure that those issues are taken care of correctly and efficiently?


We have come a long way with technology and how businesses go about record keeping.  When you give an estimate are you billing out from that?  Do you know how much is still owed and what you’ve already billed for?  Did you receive all of those payments that your customers gave you?  Who’s following up with delinquent accounts?  These simple questions aren’t so simple when you’re on the road all day and are too tired or too busy to tend to them by the time the workday is through.


The new guy on the block does have a great deal of building their brand and instilling trust in the market.  Don’t make the mistake of underbidding to get a job.  That will only result in excessive Change Orders, little to no profits or going out of business very quickly.  Remember — people talk, if you give one client an underbid job, that’s what you’ll be known for when they talk to their network of friends and family.


You’re busy – why market yourself?  That’s the common misconception that all size companies fail to recognize.  Just because you’re busy now does not mean that you’re going to continue to get new clients calling your phone.  It’s important to involve yourself with trade and business networking organizations to build your brand and find out ways that other local companies are marketing themselves.  It may seem silly at first but the return proves the importance every time.

Job Costing and Tracking

When you go to a clients project there needs to be a system in place to track and monitor your time and materials spent there.  How else are you going to figure out how much you made (or didn’t make) on your job?  Job costing and tracking is a simple concept but hard to implement if you don’t have the right person or people monitoring it.  This is especially true with bills and statements that come through — are they being tagged to the correct client?  Take a minute to think about it.

What’s the solution?

Unless you’re a large enough company to hire a full time office person, which most small contractors are not, you’re going to drive yourself crazy trying to handle these many important aspects of running a business.  DIGISIST understands these issues because they’ve been fixing and maintaining them for businesses long before DIGISIST opened it’s doors this year.

Whether it’s an answering service or low-cost business phone systems, bookkeeping, time/material tracking, GPS fleet management, system production and implementation — DIGISIST can handle it and has many great resources to make you – the business owner – stay productive and profitable.

All of these services DIGISIST provides to their clients at a fraction of the cost of what it would take to hire an administrative employee.

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